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When You’re Smilin’

On the 1st of February, my son and I were graced with a beautiful morning. Sometimes people can be really ugly to each other. This day, however, was quite unique.

We have a neighbor that lives a few homes down from ours that has always been such a sweetheart. Once, she gave my son her own birthday balloons just out of the kindness of her heart. On this day, she was rounding the corner & saw my son smiling and giggling as she pulled in. When he saw her, he smiled even bigger. She proceeded to park her car and came over to us and said, “You know, I just had to tell you; seeing your son and his little, adorable, smiling face just made my day! Really, I’d been feeling so lousy lately and coming around the corner and seeing that little ecstatic, smiling face just brightens my whole world up! I’m not sure what you did to raise such a happy child but keep it up.”

I was so touched by her kind words I couldn’t help but hug her. She even said “Thank you.” as she walked away. I don’t know her name but little does she know she brightened up my entire day too. 🙂

People like this woman give me hope that this world is going to be alright.

So, for my little guy who brightens up my day too, everyday:

“Oh, when you’re smilin’, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” – Louis Armstrong

17 replies on “When You’re Smilin’”

How can I not like this post? It has smiles, hugs, gratitude, and love. Thank you, DDiW for brightening my day. 🙂
i feel the same way about my son. He can turn my bad day into heaven with one smile, one kiss, or one “Daddy, Sweep wit me.”
We are truly blessed.
{{{hugs}}} Kozo


That is so adorable! I imagine how cute your boy is!
Now I just feel like smiling myself all day and go and hug the kids i know and my neighbors that always smile back to me! 🙂

Thank you, dear, for bringing a smile with this cute post ❤


Oh you should hear his vivid explanations of his little imaginary quests he takes. His dreams are the coolest things to hear about. “Mommy..I was fwyin’ (flying) on a tor-tee-yuh! (tortilla) ”
He makes me laugh every day.



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