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Papo & Yo: Game Review

There’s been a “Gaming” category on my list for quite some time now. However, I hadn’t posted a game-related article until now. I’m somewhat of a veteran to writing reviews. “Back in the days” I’d constructed quite a few movie reviews. This is my first known/published game review so I hope you enjoy.

Papo & Yo
Image courtesy of Minority Games Inc.

The game begins in an uncommon setting. Our main character, Quico, a young boy, seems to be hiding in a closet from a man that appears to be full of rage. Then, without prompting, you are thrust into a chalk-lined world of beauty and imagination. Soon after, you’re met by a mysterious little girl who you become curious enough to follow. You later meet up with your friend Lula, a little flying, yellow robot who helps guide you along your journey.

Papo & Yo will tug at your heartstrings for sure. There are a set of lovable characters, just the right amount of challenging (but fun!) puzzles, and a gorgeous surrealistic landscape to explore. Minority has done an amazing job on the gameplay aspect, with little to no glitches, fluid controls, and graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

Last, and perhaps most astonishing is the game’s moving story. It’s said that most of the details that tie in at the game’s conclusion are that of fact, not fiction – all based on the creator’s life.

Papo & Yo promises a trip full of wonder and amazement. I highly recommend this game to anyone who’s ever had a close friend, a difficult childhood, or simply anyone that appreciates true artistic expression.

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8 replies on “Papo & Yo: Game Review”

It really is a spectacular game. I’m a Mommy so I never have time either but I’m also a terrible insomniac at times so that’s when I squeeze in my late night gaming sessions.
I’m not trying to peer pressure you, Kozo but you should get a PS3. Every Dad should have one. Haha…your wife is probably going to send a hit squad after me for saying that. 😛



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