Seagulls in the Suburbs

Happy Seagulls
Stretch Your Wings
These two were snapped just a few days ago in a parking lot before the bitter cold hit my area.

We were in the parking lot of a local GameStop wondering “What the heck are seagulls doing in the suburbs?” …In a GameStop parking lot, no less. Maybe they were protesting “Angry Birds” with the Seabirds Coalition or something.
Whatever the reason, they were quite friendly, contrary to Alfred Hitchcock’s portrayal. They even posed.

13 thoughts on “Seagulls in the Suburbs

  1. I was in a Gamestop parking lot last week! No seagulls though. Our son was trading in an old xBox and buying new. I was there for support and a few extra dollars. 😉 Nice pics of the seagulls.


    1. You’re a kind Mommy. 🙂 I must warn you that a new XBox and PS4 are both slated to be released in the somewhat near future. (They’re saying possibly before the end of this year.)
      All of our pockets will be hurting since everyone “HAS TO have…it!” including me, I’m guilty of this too. 😛
      & Thank you for your kind words about the birds.
      Oh God..I feel myself about to break into “Surfin’ Bird” …damn Family Guy.



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