Lullaby for Your Eyes

Goodnight, DarlingThere has been a whole lot of “new” in my life lately. The New Year has begun, a new outlook on things, a new take on how to get my work to the forefront and then out to the masses – just a candycoated mess of new. With new, comes change. A different way of doing things is now becoming a necessity. With necessity, comes responsibility.
Please stay with me.

Sleepy PandaI’ve become busy as of recently with a massive juggling act of tasks. As a result, I had to put off a few posts & pages here. Worry not, though! There are plans to get them up in due time.

My sincere apologies go to anyone that has nominated me for an award recently. I’ve just been so exhausted, (hence my “sleepy art“.) My Q&A/award should be included in my next few posts. For now, I’d just like to thank everyone for continuing to be active readers. (Even though, I haven’t had anything up in the last few days.)

You are all amazing in your own ways.


8 thoughts on “Lullaby for Your Eyes

    1. I miss sharing my little daydreams with you guys so much! It’s Mommyhood making me become a secretary. AAHH! (I know you know exactly what I mean. I remember reading one of your posts about the school making a “twin day”..well yeah, all this is like that + doctor’s appointments, etc, etc.)


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