Love Everyone Anyway

Children with disabilities should not be remembered for what they can’t do or can’t do well.
I feel a piercing need to share that thought & this simple art because of that.

After Rain
I’ve spent a lot of time in therapist’s offices & schools lately because of my own son’s needs in speech and some of the sensory issues he has.
These children are extremely bright. They just need to be taught differently than the “typical” or “normal” kids.
What the heck is normal anyway? I’ve always hated that word.

My hope for the future & future generations is that we stop making snap judgements or discriminating against people for things we may not fully understand.

I could go on & on for days about this subject…but my head is tired & my eyes are weary. It takes a lot to type on without letting tears fall.
So I’ll leave you with this:

If you love someone, imagine what it would be like if one of their abilities were taken away or lessened.
It could be anything, eyesight, hearing, use of their limbs or whole body, brain injury, mental disorder.
Ask yourself: Would you love them any less?
I’m sure the answer is “No.”, right?
Now, as a human race..let’s try to have that outlook on everything, everybody.

14 thoughts on “Love Everyone Anyway

  1. I’ve worked with many people with so-called developmental disabilities and I have always seen the purity in their hearts. Many discussions with conventional therapists showed me that the spiritual quality of looking at everyone as sacred would be a great prerequisite for anyone working in this field. Who wants to be “normal”, anyway 😉

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    1. Very, very well said. 🙂 I am pleased to have you as a reader. Just think, if the entire world could have this outlook..what a beautiful place it would be.
      Sadly, sometimes I think we need the bad & the pain to balance it out & teach us. Still, what a dream… 🙂


    1. I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten you. I’ve had a hectic last few days & have been pretty busy because of it. I’m writing up a special thanks post for you & some other lovely individuals & I’m going to include the Beautiful Blogger award & it’s rules within that.
      Hope you are having a wonderful day. 🙂


      1. Oh no dear, don’t worry! :)) I’ve been really busy these days too, and keep blaming myself that i don’t manage to come and read your blog more often these days, there are still so many interesting topics i want to explore!
        Plus all this recent fuzz with WP technical problems, i was talking with everybody on WP and the admins, asking how to secure and back up the content etc ))

        Oh and about the award, just come grab it and feature a logo on your site, no need to write me words of thanks, that’s not what i’m doing it for 🙂
        Have a great evening! We stay in touch!

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