In the Cold Light of Day

Sadly, I open tonight on a very depressing, heart-wrenching note. Surely, by now most of you have heard about this horrible incident that occurred earlier today. Now, I must stress, the following I’m about to discuss is not intended to come from any one point of view or spark any sort of debate. If that happens later on in my comments section, it is beyond my control. However, as I’ve stated in the past..I try to keep my personal opinions out of my work (& any writing I contribute to for that matter) as much as I possibly can. It must be mentioned though, that I may not be able to keep my emotions out of this. I am in fact a parent, as most of you know. Being a mother of a small child myself, this..well, this is just an unbelievable tragedy.

The news first started reporting this horrifying scene around 1PM in my area today. Personally, having a son in school at that time, my nerves were understandably on edge. They remained that way throughout most of the day. After speaking to many parents during the afternoon, they only echoed the same worries.

As of now, there are a total of 27 dead. 20 children, 6 adults, and the shooter. Let’s let that wash over us for a moment.

I mean not to disregard the lives of the adults at all..but TWENTY…I repeat..TWENTY..children. Children! Little kids. Tiny lives that have not yet grown. Not yet experienced much. If you cried for them today, you are only human, and certainly weren’t alone. A local news anchor even broke down while broadcasting the news. Later, our president even appeared to be holding back tears during a speech addressing the nation about all this.

With all of those facts, this begs the question.. Why does this keep happening?

Not that long ago, I wrote about another shooting very close to my own home. I’m not going to have a big debate or take a political stance on gun laws. I’ll let the people on various social media sites that are already doing that go right ahead.

Conversely, I will state that this needs to stop. Our schools around the nation need to take larger security measures. Not just in our high schools, but our middle and elementary schools as well. We also need to (and this is sad to say but) educate even the little ones on psychos like this. I don’t even know where discussion of that sort would begin…but we have to. Something just has to be done.

My heart is with those families tonight, and everyone effected. There is no reason for something like this. It is just the worst kind of evil. I hear that the greatest loss is that of a child. Having a family member that lost hers, one can’t help but believe that’s the truth.

3 thoughts on “In the Cold Light of Day

    1. It was a difficult bit of days for me. I’m still deeply saddened by it. My frequency of posting has slowed a little because of it.
      Thank you for that. Sometimes, in instances such as this, we all just need to hear something positive.



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