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Toy Cars and Shooting Stars

Words can be the single most powerful thing known to man. Most of us wouldn’t allow ourselves to admit that. Still, some would sincerely agree. Spoken words can sometimes impact a person for a lifetime. A single sentence can ring in our minds and repeat itself over and over until we meet our ends. People can experience these instances at many points in their lives. I’ve had many of these occurrences throughout my own life. One in particular happened just the other day.

I was on the phone with my grandfather whom I’ve become very close to over the past two years or so. He asked about the toys cars he’d bought my son. We laughed when I explained how “over the moon” his great grandson was about the new toys. He then uttered “I remember when it was that easy to make you happy.”

To someone that didn’t know him, that comment may come off as rude. That was not the case, though. It wasn’t the case at all. I knew exactly what he meant. In his own way, he was saying “I wish I could take your pain away.”

As he said it, I replayed some fragments of happiness from childhood over in my head. Quickly after, I remembered the great losses I’ve suffered and realized why my grandfather said what he said. I fought back tears as not to let him hear any sadness in my voice. I joked and shrugged it off and we laughed some more, but I knew that sentence would stay with me.

Having children and watching them grow could sometimes make you remember things from your own childhood. Some good, some bad, but inevitably, it’s a learning experience. Throughout life, as I stated earlier, some spoken words have stayed with me. Being a writer, I tend to analyze words in a different light. As a mother, I am aware that many phrases expressed can have a lifelong impact. So, I choose my words carefully. This particular instance was a positive one, despite how I may’ve made it sound. It stayed with me because it made me remember that I have a relative that cares deeply when a lot of others don’t.

So as your eyes grow weary from reading my own words. I’ll leave you with a quote of mine that it sure to stay with you as well.

“Have no regrets, for you learn from everything.”


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