For the Love of Horror

Autumn TreelineHorror has been with us for centuries now. First in books; many years later in films, and then…everywhere. Halloween traditions weren’t always the mainstream monster you see plastered all over superstores today. No, not at all. In fact, I’d like to take a page from my own book (figuratively speaking) and bring up a fond memory that I know many of you may share. A great deal of you may still even take part in this today.

Horror movie marathons.

Oh, yes. I can feel the massive amount of grins that created already. 🙂

The children of the 80’s (better known as “80’s babies“) probably know what I mean the most. We grew up in an era of many cheesy (but loved) slasher movies. These movies laid the groundwork for most of the films that are popular today.

This begs the question:
Why do we love horror?

I’ve tossed around this topic excessively in a plethora of social circles. Predictably, it always generates a load of buzz. Why, you ask? The answer may lie deep within the human psyche.
It’s simple, really. People like to be scared. After years of asking the same question everyone seems to return a similar answer. They enjoy the thrill of being frightened out of their wits and not knowing what’s going to happen next. As long as they can maintain some level of control. (Put the book down, pause or turn the movie off.) As long as this madness is not happening in reality, people enjoy it. (Most of us anyway.) That’s the simple explanation. Try bringing up this topic with your friends and watch it get much more complex.

Anyone that works in journalism would tell you that frightening events are simply..more interesting. That may sound cruel or morbid, but it’s true. We tend to flock to something unknown and maybe even a bit scary and get drawn in.

Clearly, I could go on for days on this subject. I’d like to leave you with a quick thought before I bow out, though. If being scared is what we find interesting…what do we find truly terrifying? Snack on that question when you’re trying to get to bed tonight. 😉
Happy Halloween season, everyone!


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