Maybe You Should Care

Last night I went to my first “Open House” for my son’s school. He’s in a preschool program at a local elementary school. We were able to meet most of the staff & even some students that also attend.

I’m happy to report my son is adjusting to school very well and is making significant progress. What I’m about to discuss has not much to do with my own child, though; but someone else’s.

Allow me to explain:

Before we got to meet with our son’s teacher & view his classroom activities there was a meeting in the school’s auditorium. A breifing of sorts that consisted of upcoming events & a whole lot of “blah blah blah”. Then after listening to all of that, I heard the principal say that some of the older students appointed to “student council” would be assisting parents with finding the correct classrooms & teachers. I wouldn’t have thought twice about such a statement..

However, while walking down the hall past the refreshment table and all the eager parents filling up on free cookies, cupcakes, and coffee; I noticed a little girl sitting on the floor. She had her head down & her knees tucked in tightly to her chest. Even though her hair was covering her face, I could tell by her body language she was crying.

Let me pause for a second and just stress how much this broke my heart.

Something just compelled me to talk to this poor child & see what was wrong. I was deeply concerned and I also have to admit, she reminded me a bit of myself, when I was that age. So, I asked: “What’s wrong, honey? Is your Mommy or Daddy around?” She looked up at me with the most striking crystal blue eyes full of tears & sobbed “Yes…I don’t like this job..” & then put her head back down. It clicked with me that “Oh, ok she must be student council & someone may’ve said something mean to her.” Thankfully I soon after saw her mother & she gave me a sort of “thank you” nod. What struck me more than anything was that this sweet kid appeared to be crying for quite a while and yet not a single person stopped to see what was wrong. Maybe I overstepped my bounds – after all in today’s society it’s considered somewhat taboo to talk or interfere where someone else’s child is concerned. Seriously though, we are all parents of kids at the same school. Claiming to be part of a “community”. That’s certainly what the staff & various school organizations kept yammering about during that entire breifing.

Anyway, I’m not sure why this stayed with me. Maybe it’s because like I said earlier, this little girl reminded me somewhat of myself. Either way, I hate to think that no one cares about things like this anymore. I mean, would you have stopped? Am I wrong to care? Or am I just the last of a dying breed of people that have some sense of conscience. There’s no way I could’ve just let myself just walk by that little girl like everyone else was doing.

Later on, we enjoyed our son’s teacher’s meeting and her summary of how the class operates. We left confident knowing our own child would be okay. One can only hope though, if that’s my child in a few years crying in the hallway, I would hope a teacher or caring parent would stop.

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