Stress Management

Dancing CloudsMost of us as human beings deal with some form of stress on almost a daily basis. A good portion feel this burn more than others. Rest assured, I’m here to offer some help on the subject.

My key readers consist of a group of mothers and writers. A portion of you may not fall into that bracket. However, I feel the following may be a substantial relief to all of you.

Stress can come in many forms but, it all feels the same. Stress could spike our blood pressure; make us feel nauseated, fatigued, and sometimes (in a worst case scenario) cause a panic or anxiety attack. From a medical and psychological standpoint, there are many ways you can deal with this.

The following are some tools I’ve learned over the years. Please do not replace these for medical advice. Especially, if you are indeed in crisis. My only intention is to pass on some knowledge that may be of help when you are having a particularly stressful day.

Turn off all devices. Electronic and otherwise. Minimal noise and distraction will already alleviate about 50% of your stress.

Find a place that brings you peace & go there. When you feel your blood pressure start to rise is clearly the best time. (This may be harder for my Mommies reading this since you can’t always just “walk away”. In that case, I suggest doing this at your first free moment.)

Clear your head. This can be difficult but once you know how, you can do it at the drop of a hat.

Do something you enjoy. With our many jobs/occupations, this can again be difficult. Make a list of activities. It can start with something as simple as listening to music & end with something as complex as painting that spare room. If it relaxes you, do it!

Give yourself alone time. We all need this at times. Even if we don’t realize it.

The above mentioned tools are just some of many. They’re just the ones that have helped me the most. Being a Mommy and the many skills that requires (nurse, teacher, therapist, organizer, janitor, etc. All Moms know exactly what I mean.) along with a writer and an artist; juggling the three can get quite stressful at times. My main advice to all of you along with these tips is simply to relax. Not to take yourself so seriously all of time.

Now, I just have to nail taking my own advice. 😉

18 thoughts on “Stress Management

  1. Lovely post!
    The tips you gave here are precious, this is what i oftentimes practice myself, searching for some peace of mind, as i’m easily impressible.

    I also found a lot of relaxation in just taking a few minutes of my day for easy meditations.
    When i have a chance, i just stand or sit down and imagine flows of lights coming on me from above, it’s as if you are asking the nature to give you some of its power and serenity.

    I don’t know if you like gemstones, but i found a lot of use in them. Onyx, black tourmaline and all kinds of quartz are great natural stress and negativity absorbents! 🙂
    I always wear gemstone talismans or just carry a couple of stones in my pocket, when go out into a busy stressful day, it helps! 🙂

    I sadly don’t have my own kids yet, but playing with others’ kids help me relief some of my stress as well 😉

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    1. Someone actually got me a tourmaline necklace with “healing & negativity-repelling” capabilities as they put it. It really does seem to help! I had a bracelet that claimed to do something similiar as well.
      You are a very cool person, Sofia. I’m very thankful that to have run across you in the blogosphere.


          1. Oh thank you for the link! I’ll sure check it out now! 🙂
            Hehe I know this situation 😉 I’ve also written a few good posts before that didn’t get much readership as I wasn’t yet known around here :))
            Now these posts are collecting dust in my archives, while other newer and less ‘deep’ ones hit 30-40 comments a day 😀

            Liked by 1 person

          2. That’s why I try to make references to my older posts every once in a while. In a hope to revive them, you know? Don’t worry, as long as you have an archive list or calendar in your widgets, I’ll shuffle through your older stuff. 🙂


          3. By the way, you know I want to thank you so much today as you actually gave me a wonderful idea!
            I decided to launch a new page on my blog as a campaign for all the beginner bloggers and those established ones who want their new or old posts to be given attention, read and commented! 🙂
            I’ll welcome people post there links to their posts that they think are worth a notice, or those that need comments 🙂
            It will be both support for beginners and a glimpse back at some good written-a-while-ago posts! 🙂
            Check it out tmrw on my panel, I think it will be ready!
            And you are welcome to link me and all other readers to your older posts! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person


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